Paul Bernandini's 5-string Bass with 36" scale.

Your once in a lifetime instrument is only twelve weeks away

Each Michael Dolan Custom Guitar is a unique expression of the vision of a particular individual. Because there are so many options and variables, offering a price list has proven to be impractical. Prices generally start at $1700 U.S. On average, most custom instruments are in the $2000 to $3000 range, depending upon options. The price is ultimately determined by the complexity of the project, the cost of the components and the materials involved.

We welcome your inquiry about making your dream instrument a reality. We will gladly work out all of the details and provide you with a firm, up-front price quote. We require a $500 deposit on all custom instrument orders with the balance due upon delivery. Your instrument can be shipped with or without a case. Instrument cases - from a quality gig-bag to the most durable of flight cases - are optional.

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